Independent Living

For individuals who want to downsize out of their family home and join a community of peers, the right solution may be to move into an independent living facility. Independent living is a resource rich lifestyle option for individuals who do not need assisted living or memory care services but also do not want the responsibility of maintaining a home. In fact, unlike other types of facilities, such as assisted living or memory care, independent living communities typically do not offer any kind of medical service or skilled nursing attention as part of the community fee.

Right now, there is a growing opportunity for independent living facilities around the country to increase their competitive differentiation and attractiveness to potential residents by adding an assisted living facility or memory care unit to their community. With the pending retirement of the Baby Boomer generation, there is a growing need for housing that accommodates their transitioning needs and health. Instead of moving into an independent facility and then having to relocate into an assisted living facility, residents are interested in joining communities they can call home, even if their care needs change.

Our Assisted Living Market Study has shown that updating your independent living facility to include an assisted living facility is one of the most financially rewarding investments you can make in your facility going forward. For residents, adding an assisted living facility to your independent living facility not only provide residents various levels of care they can graduate into should their health require it, but it also allows operators a way to expand the appeal and profitability potential of their facility.

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