Phase II: Planning and Development

After the Assisted Living Market Study is completed, we transition into the second phase of our co-developer services: business planning and development analysis.

In this phase, we work to complete a business plan that can be used to attract partners, operators, and investors. Additionally, the development analysis includes:

• Development Assessment – project types, costs, sizing, budget if phased development
• Financial forecasts to determine if sufficient cash flow and profitability potential exist to support the proposed project
• Time table for project to achieve positive cash flow break even
• Working capital estimates and start-up capital requirements
• Identification of debt and equity needs
• Conduct discussions with industry appraisers, architects, equity and debt sources as a precursor to the Phase II engagement to utilize opinions of industry professionals in the Business Plan
• Assist and coordinate preliminary site plan design, with the architect, civil, local legal and application costs to obtain local approvals to be paid by the Client