Our goal is to comprehensively collaborate with your organization to increase success in all areas, including the training of your people. This is why we provide your staff with all the training they need to put the recommendations from the Assisted Living Market Study into action.

Our training sessions are one hour long; some of our trainings are available for social workers’ CEU. We are also able to provide CEU training as a webinar for your employees or your referral sources and provide a free CEU. If online training works better for your team, we hold webinars on a regular basis. Most recently, we led a webinar on November 15, 2012 that covered Preventing Falls and Fractures.

Below, is a list of some of our additional training topics. For a comprehensive list of our trainings, please Contact Us:

• Performance Evaluations that Motivate: Performance evaluations create a lot of anxiety in facilities, among staff and management alike. This training seminar shows participants how to conduct performance evaluations that can help to give appropriate feedback and motivate employees to improve their performance.

• Staffing for Success: Recruitment and Screening Quality Employees: The single most important decision that we make as managers is the hiring decision, yet most managers find the hiring and firing process among the most difficult aspects of their job. This presentation explores effective recruiting tools and strategies, using screening and interviewing techniques to select the right staff, and four steps for staff retention.

• Risk Management for Assisted Living: Assisted living community operations are exposed to a wide range of risks. Learn about the common causes of loss in assisted living, how to avoid them, how to report on an incident, and the differences between objective and subjective reporting. Finally, understand the duties of an insured in the event of a loss from the insurance carrier’s perspective.

• Dementia Support: Communication is essential in providing care and support to someone with Dementia. Learn specific techniques and communication strategies for working with dementia patients, including how to approach someone with dementia and how to utilize all the senses to communicate with them.

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