Operational Consulting

Our team is standing by to work with your company on effectively managing and supporting your senior living facility though our operational consulting services.

Our consulting model is designed to integrate with your current management staff, not take their place in the organization. The goal of our role is to deepen and optimize your staff’s cohesiveness and success so that your business and the experience of your residents can thrive.

We believe it is crucial that every member of your staff be aware of their unique roles and responsibilities. Duplicating effort or a lack of clarity in roles is one of the main stressors we see in our client companies. Our working philosophy is that the best results occur when each employee has ownership and feels a real sense of responsibility and value in their roles. For this reason, we work diligently with all our client staffs to ensure every member of the staff is engaged and committed to the team goals. Everyone has a vital role; therefore, no one person on the team is more important than another.

What truly differentiates Senior Consulting, LLC from other firms is our operational programming model. We work closely with your facility’s nursing and care teams to engage all members, down to the operational aides, in each resident’s individual plan for the day. In addition to making the resident feel better cared for, it reemphasizes to each staff member how important his or her impact and roles are on their charges.

We work every day to do what we can to increase your residents’ quality of life and support the success of your facility in the most cost-effective and integrated way possible.

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