Assisted Living Operational Audit

Assisted living management directors looking to enhance the efficiency of their staff are prime candidates for our executive level operations audit.

We encourage managers to use an audit as a tool to help understand and articulate performance expectations and operations responsibilities of functional managers so that they can reach their goals of providing quality services for residents.

Our operational audit contains several facets, including a comprehensive assessment that is numerically ranked to show strengths and weaknesses. We have used this audit with great success in facilities around the country and use it as a first step in a larger facility improvement effort.

Our comprehensive service model and integration philosophy mean that we are here to help you respond quickly and effectively to the results of the audit and collaborate with your staff on a strategy to move forward.

Once we are retained and conduct a phone interview with management and the Administrator or the Executive Director, we will ask for various existing information to be forwarded to develop or modify our survey and an analysis to meet the goals and objectives of management.

Contact Us to learn more about how our operational audit and other Assisted Living Feasibility Study assessments can increase your facility’s success.