Development Consulting

Market demand has indicated there is a considerable opportunity for senior living facilities to expand their development and grow. In order to optimize this opportunity, your facility needs to collaborate with the right developer to ensure construction success.

Senior Living, LLC will collaborate with you to produce optimal results in your development initiatives. After we help identify your specific market’s needs with a comprehensive Assisted Living Market Study, we will work with you to transform the results of the study into reality through our suite of consulting services, which include:

• Development Site Identification and Negotiation – We can help you locate potential development areas and help negotiate the sale with owners and realtors directly.

• Design Management – We can collaborate with builders to not only design the site but also project-manage the development. We are well versed in what we need to do to reach out to state and local officials for and can help you track all approvals.

• Choosing Architects, Engineers and Contractors – Picking the right team to work with can be a stressful process; allow us to help by conducting and managing the RFQ/RFP processes to select the right architect, engineers, and contractors for your project. Our extensive contractor database can be used to develop a customized list to find the right professionals for your project.

• Construction Management Support – We are happy to serve as a central contact point for your project’s engineers, architects and contractors and help ensure clear communication, conflict resolution and timetable adherence. Our consultants are experienced in construction management support and are ready to effectively coordinate your development.

To learn more about these services and hear about our complete development service offering, please Contact Us or visit our sister site to learn more about our developer services.