Partnership Opportunities

Senior Consulting, LLC not only provides assisted living consulting services but also often partners with regional developers and owners of viable sites. We are affiliated with Senior Living Management, LLC, and when considering a mutual agreement to develop a senior living facility, our local partners have these options:

• We work with local partners in an operational capacity to obtain approvals on sites after an Assisted Living Market Study is completed. It is important to note that approved sites have substantially higher value. To learn more, click here.

• In some cases, we work with builders or developers who can serve as co-developers with our company in addition to the industry-experienced builder we may choose to introduce to the project. To learn more, click here.

• While we have access to capital from leaseback scenarios to debt and equity, we always prefer to structure ownership of a facility or its operations with local partners that have a personal interest in the community. Therefore, we are open minded in discussions with area bankers, builders, and consider local business people part of our extended market area team. To learn more, click here.

We would love to discuss further partnership opportunities with you; our passion and expertise is designing, developing, upgrading, and enhancing profitable senior living facilities. Please Contact Us today for more information.