The Memory Care Opportunity in Assisted Living

Senior Consulting, LLC has conducted studies that show there is now a tremendous competitive benefit to adding memory care units to well-established assisted living facilities.

We consistently see in our market studies and feasibility studies that there is a greater need for memory care beds and units than assisted living beds. It not uncommon for us to analyze a service area to find that there are no available memory care beds at all, leaving the market in the area without local options for care.

Assisted living facilities around the country should consider adding memory care units to their facility to take advantage of this lack of market support and also provide new resources for their current residents. Should an assisted living resident begin to need memory care, having a unit on site that can provide that care allows the resident to stay in a community that they call home, even as their needs change.

To help you identify the scope of this opportunity in your region, Senior Consulting, LLC offers the following initial assessment to assisted living facility operators:

• An initial analysis on a property that may be owned by your community or available for state of the art Memory Care

• A Memory Care and Assisted Living Market study, which includes financial and a cost benefit analysis

• An assessment of project funding and structure options with potential key partners that addresses your mission and operational objections

• A meeting with our principle consultants to discuss results and next steps with your key management team

Our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with assisted living facilities where we can be part of your team in the eventual operations of the developed and needed facility. With Stan Burton as Senior Vice President of Operations and his executive experience in assisted living and memory care facilities, we again have an added value proposition.

Contact us for more information on the memory care opportunities in your community.